Discovering the JFK Conspiracies

The JFK conspiracy ideas are still with their life today mainly because many persons still imagine there was a conspiracy to kill the president. Many books have been completely written about this subject and several TV shows have been developed, most notably the movie “JFK”. The murder of prime ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Tx, on November. 22, 1963, by nightclub owner Jack port Ruby great companion, Shelter Harvey Warren, has spurred various conspiracy ideas. Ruby was a well known person in the well organized Mafia crime group called the Cosa Nostra that was prevalent in Dallas during the time. Other hypotheses have suggested that Dark red murdered the president as a result of some personal grudge, could be because he did not like the way JFK was handling one of the mob’s businesses, or perhaps as a result of jealousy.

There have been many new details about the Based in dallas assassination released recently through biographies and selection interviews with various people who were inside the thick within the events. A new book, released by Unique House, goes into my site the lives of dominant figures right from Dallas who had been closely associated with the Cuban consulate in New Orleans in the period frame the moment JFK was being groomed for that possible president bid there. One of the themes profiled in the book is Shelter Harvey Warren, the club owner who killed Shelter Harvey about November twenty two. Another person profiled is Orlando, florida Simms, an in depth associate of Lee Harvey on the island and a supposed accomplice of your murder. The two of these men got worked with one another previously, however were not often seen mutually. In addition to the previously mentioned men, Castro also recently had an associate, Redentore Diacrese, who had been a Cricca boss that working with Dark red and Warren on a regular basis.

This new information gives a different point of view on the JFK assassination. Was it an easy case of mistaken info or would some higher level officials need to use the homicide as a way to rationalize a secret mission to Tina? Was RFK used as being a patsy to hide the real programs for Cuba? Some believe that the answer to these questions could be more complex than the official government line. A large number of theories are present, but none of them have been established. But if you may have any interest in learning more about the theories neighboring the deaths of Kennedy, RFK, and other wines you can investigate them all internet.