Breaking up from a partner, spouse or mate is never effortless

Breaking up from a partner, spouse or mate is never effortless

Dealing with your emotions, aswell as experiencing some useful and possibly unpleasant choices concerning your house, debt conditions as well as your young ones, shall be difficult. These pages provides an introduction to those things you will have to think of.

This section on union malfunction was created to assist you to workout your choices and liberties as regards your family homes. It does not protect divorce or separation legal proceeding or specifications to suit your youngsters, you could pick info about these subjects throughout the residents Advice Scotland Adviceguide web site. To find out more about closing (usually dissolution) civil partnerships, install the Adviceguide’s factsheet.

You can easily download a checklist, which summarises the info on this page.

Therapy and mediation

You and your partner may find it difficult agree on how best to break down your home and obligations, particularly if you become disappointed, aggravated or intolerable concerning breakup. a counsellor could possibly guide you to comprehend your emotions and finish the partnership a lot more amicably, although they cannot help you make decisions about your house or girls and boys. A mediator might be able to assist you to both reach an amicable arrangement about access and childcare, the family residence alongside dilemmas. The page on therapy and mediation features contact details of firms in Scotland.

Exactly what are my personal solutions?

Any time you and your lover include separating, you are likely to decide that:

among you will remain staying in your property as well as the other will transfer

you will both leave and get brand new spots – should you decide acquire your house, this means you will want to sell and decide how-to divided the proceeds

you’ll carry-on live collectively but as split households – this may simply be a short-term answer until such time you are able to maneuver on, or, if the divide is actually amicable, it may be a more long lasting condition.

Your alternatives depends on whether your rent out your residence or purchased it.

Your alternatives could also rely on the problem between you and your partner, for instance if:

your spouse wants you to create your family residence

your spouse has strolled out on you.


Just how can we choose just who should remain in the household home?

That will remain in your family residence will depend on your liberties as well as on your own personal conditions, as an example regardless if you are married, whether you have children or whether among your uses your home as a company premises. It will rely on whether your home is hired or possessed. Additionally need certainly to work out whether you can afford to remain on in the home yourself (read ‘what about financial dilemmas’ below). If you should be partnered or even in a civil partnership, this decision will need to be generated as part of the divorce case or dissolution procedure.

We rent our house

If you are surviving in rented residential property, anyone whose name’s regarding tenancy arrangement doesn’t necessarily need to be the person who remains there. You might be able to get the tenancy of the home transferred to additional spouse.

We own our room

Similarly, the person who is the owner of home doesn’t necessarily must stay: you may be capable of getting possession of the property directed.

Exactly what are the advantages and disadvantages of residing in the house?

You can find benefits and drawbacks to staying in the house after your lover have moved completely.


You’ll not have to go through the difficulty of going homes – this really is specifically important if you have girls and boys.

You’ll not need certainly to move away from your perform, relatives and buddies, or youngsters’ school.


The house could be overlarge and/or pricey for you to operate on your very own.

If your companion might aggressive or abusive to you, this may not be very safer, as they will discover your area.

It might be difficult which will make a fresh begin if you find yourself still-living in the house your provided.

Let’s say we cannot concur?

If you cannot agree, you can think about mediation to assist you visited a shared choice. The web page on counselling and mediation provides information on companies towards you. An experienced mediator assists you to chat during your scenario along and contact a satisfactory compromise. You ought to still discuss the results of any mediation classes with a solicitor before arriving at your final agreement.