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Universe Packers and Movers Services

Packing & Moving Service

When hiring a packing service, keep in mind that there are lots of options available, from packing your entire household to packing selected items only. As such, before you hire or even decide to hire, you need to weigh the amount of time, energy and cost involved in packing your goods. It’s here; you need to hire a reliable firm with an impeccable track record in packing to meet your requirements. For over 30 plus years, Global Packers and Movers has been in the forefront of developing innovative packing ways. From household to office, showroom, etc, we are well-equipped to pack any kinds of goods. Our team of experienced packing professionals are well-versed in diverse intricacies of packing and ensure that all your goods are perfectly packed so as to eliminate the risks of damage during movement from one place to another.

Transportations Service

We are using excellent modes of transportation like: small & heavy trucks, tailors, containerized trucks & car carriers. We transport cars, by providing specially covered car trailers, all over India. We offer complete DOOR-TO-DOOR services, be it from one city to another or even from one street to another.Most of all we guarantee our services to the fullest if it is determined that we have not met the requirements, to give you outstanding customer service attention or best of quality work possible. We will give you our services at no cost! As a 24/7 family owned and operated community-based business. We promise: Availability, security, savings, trusts, and insurance. We have very large team of employees including supervisor professional packers loading experts drivers, and other support people. We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the reputed firms in the packing and moving of household and commercial goods. Based in Islamabad in Pakistan since its origin, Sea-Eagle Movers & Logistics have continued to be a leader in the household and commercial goods moving industry. We offer a highly personalized service, which several firms find difficult to compete with. We understand that your possessions are your as sets. We have a team of highly trained professionals, who take special measures to assure the safety of the goods and ensure proper execution of the services and conveniences of the customers.

Car Carrier Service

In this Dynamic World People are moving and relocating their places frequently certainly no one can denies, come to the reason for relocation occurs due to several reasons such as natural calamity, job transfer, business, higher studies and etc. apart from, there are many other reasons of shifting for instance, they move place to place because they are looking for different needs, different opportunities, a new life, different weather, or territories to live in. there are several relocation companies that offer a comprehensive solution to problems that arise during the process of hectic and boring tasks of relocation. People often get tired mentally and physically on their home during shifting or business relocation. You can make it easier and stress free with the help of expert and experienced movers and packers. .

Logistics Services

Logistic Mart is a leading online portal for logistics. It is a logistic hub which provides complete information about all logistic services, companies etc. Logistic Mart is online directory which provides complete solution for all logistics services like Movers and Packers, Shipping, Transportation, Air Cargo, Logistics, Relocations etc. The purpose of Logistic Mart to connect all leading logistic services providers to logistic services seekers. We have listed all logistics services providers under one umbrella to serve our customers. At the same we make sure that logistics service seekers get the best deal for all his logistic needs with minimum efforts. Logistic Mart is infact, a retreat for both logistic service seekers and logistic companies who can fulfill their respective requirements without having to put in too much of an effort. .

Heavy Duty Goods

We are a prime player for superior and reliable packing and moving in India. The task of relocation in India is carried out with the help warehousing facilities for all types of products. Our task of packing and moving in India is made easy by warehousing experts and modern mechanisms. We employ technology for loading, unloading and storage that assure clients of safety of their goods and belongings in transit. All types of products have their own specific way of handling, and experienced warehousing experts also chipped in with their value support and experience. For Heavy Duty Goods, we have proper panning and storage capacity. We have designed apt facilities to provide maximum safety and security to the heavy duty consignment. Proper care is taken to loading and unloading of these products, as the rest is easily controlled by our fine set-up of tools and instruments for heavy-duty materials. Thus, a sense of security is offered by us in relocation in India with wide-ranging services and equally supportive facilities.


Insurance coverage is a must while sending household goods. In-spite of the best packing and safe transportation, factors beyond our control like accidents, fire, sabotage, riots etc can result in damages to the goods. Hence we repeat “Insurance is a must”. The commonly known insurance is the “Transit Insurance” where the premium comes to 1.2% on declared value. Here the compensation towards damages/loses are paid only if the vehicle meets with an accident.. Hence if there is no accident to the vehicle no claim for compensation can be made. The other type is called “comprehensive Insurance” where the premium is around 3%. Here the compensation is paid for any damages except for scratches. In case cover is required for glassware and crockery’s this has to be specified and a small additional premium paid. This would be the best risk cover. However the customer is the master and his choice would be final.